Zaful Valetines Day Sale

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hi dear girls, and today we'll be talking about Zaful Valentines Day Sale. Valentines day is coming and I am so happy to start buying outfits and gifts for this amazing day. And amazing thig about this is that Zaful have amazing  Valentines Day Deals. And if you don't have idea what are you going to wear you can check out Zaful website and great valentines sale.  I can't wait to wear something pink and to be soo in love on that day! Check out some of my outfit ideas belowe the text! And click on these links so you can jump direct to Zaful website. Be in love...always!!

Big Haul by ROSEGAL official

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello dear girls, and today I am so sooo happy because I have finally received the most of things from Rosegal Official website. Here are some of the photos. I can not wait to show you all of them, but for now check out these pictures. I can't decide which one is my favorite. I love all of the things. They are beautiful! I will leave you some links below, direct links to these Rosegal products so you can check out ptices and other infos. So this is my Rosegal Review and I have nothing else to say just that this company is great and I love their products. They are just the same as in their website photos and they are not lying or trying to full you. They just represent their products in the way they really look and it's up to you will you choose them or no. Enjoy in photos and check out the links below! Love you xoxo


Banggood Makeup Review

Friday, December 29, 2017

Hello dear girls, and first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am so happy that holidays are here. Lots and lots of gifts are coming from all websites. First of them is one of my favorite mixed sites Banggood. I have received from them these two great makeup items. It's the contouring palette and this beautiful liquid highlighter. My favorite is this highlighter because it's the best thing so far that I have got. It's shiny, it smells amazing and it looks beautiful on my face. I ill soon do the makeup video with these amazing liquid highlighter. The second and also great is this palette for contouring your face. The colours are really great and good for every skin tone. Maybe you think that this makeup isn't that good as the makeup from perfumeries and stores but you are WRONG! This makeup is GREAT! And I love it so much! Below the text I will Leave you link for these amazing things and CLICK CLICK CLICK and check it out! 

Product link: 

*2017 Banggood Men's Big Sale Clearance ,35%OFF, 
Coupon Code:577146     
*2017 Banggood Women’s Big Sale Clearance ,60%OFF,
Coupon Code:WISH0408  
*2017 Banggood Shoes Big Sale Clearance ,60%OFF,
Coupon Code:577146     
*2017 Banggood Bags Big Sale Clearance ,60%OFF,
Coupon Code:577146     

Ćaos drage moje devojke, i evo me sa mojim prvim postom ikada u kome vam neću predstavljati odeću već šminkuu! I to šminkicu koju sam dobila sa Banggood sajta.Do sada stigle su mi ove dve stvarčive, a uskoro očekujem i treću i jedva čekam da vam je pokažem. Za sadaa stigli su hajlajter, tečni, kojim sam potpuno oduševljennaaaaa i predivna paletica za konturisanje lica. Iskreno, znam daa svi mislite da je ova šminka lošija od šminke koju nabavljamo u drogerijama, ali varate se! Ove stvarčice su prosto predivne i ja sam oduševljena hajlajterom posebno jer je toliko svetlucav i miriše kao kremica za ruke. Sveže i čisto. Nekako me podseća na neki od preparata za negu lica, a ne na klasičan miris šminke i pudera. Obavezno svi CLICK CLICK CLICK na linkove koje sam vam ostavila ispod teksta i pogledajte cene i popuste koje Banggood kompanije sada daje. Srećna Nova godina svimaa!  

Beautiful prom dresses by

Friday, December 15, 2017

OMG, I am so in love with these dresses. Could they be more perfect? I really doubt it. I love it. So elegant, and the colors are amazing. I really can't decide which one is my favorite. I think that they all are. But If I have to choose one for myself it would definitely be dress in the last picture. Blue one with wonderful lace all over the dress. I really love long prom dresses. And great place to find evening dresses online is my favorite site for dresses ever . I really recommend you this seller because they are all really nice and kind. And I really love their staff and their dresses are really good quality. Be sure to check out their website because they have amazing promotion now. You can get 10% off if you use  coupon code : BFSALE . Be quick and find some beautiful gala evening dress for you. Love xoxo

Addcolo Wigs and Hair Extensions

Hello everyone, and here is one totally new post about one very unusual thing on my blog. I am going to talk about Wigs and Hair extensions. Everyone today wants to look good and have beautiful hair and makeup and clothes and etc. So here is one great solution for perfect hair. Wigs or hair extensions with 100% natural hair. I am in love with this hair because it's so healthy and silk. It looks great. And all the wigs and extensions are now on SALE. They have great discounts so check out their amazing website ADDCOLO and find some great hair for you. Also you can find U Part Wig and you can check it out by clicking on the link. I hope you will like it. See you soon xoxo

Hollywood Glam

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ćao drage mojee i danas ovaj post posvećujem isključivo mojim domaćim pratiocima, odnosno pratiocima iz Srbije i okoline, zato što želim da vam predstavim jedan od mojih omiljenih butika. A oni od skoro imaju i online prodaju pa ih možete naći i na INSTAGRAMU. Ja sam za danas izabrala da vam pokažem ovaj zimski outfit, koji je i jedan od mojih omiljenih, ali biće još mnogo postova u kojima ćete moći da vidite sjajne stvari iz Butika Holivud. Ja sam oduševljena rolkicama i džemperima. To su moji omiljeni odevni komadi za ovu zimu. Svi trk i KLIK na Butik Holivud i poručite sjajne stvarčice. Kiss xoxo

New Year's Magic

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hello my lovelies, and here I am again with new outfit for amazing and magical New Year's eve. This is one of my favorite outfits these days because it can be prefect for evening and also for some other occasions. This skirt is amazing for New Year's eve but for some party I would just change this sweater and instead of sweater I would choose some shiny shirt. I have few more outfits for you. So keep following me and I will see you soon again. Kisses

Sevengrils Ugly Christmas Sweaters Wishlist

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hi girls, and Christmas is almost here. This magical time of year reminds me of stars, Santa and family. Home is place where these things come alive every Christmas. And we are all happy and love is all around. Because this time of year reminds us how much is family important. So this year I decided to do a little Christmas sweaters Wishlist from Sevengrils website and in my wishlist will be Ugly Christmas Sweaters. These first three are so sweet and amazing and I have chosen two wonderful pyjamas for our little family members, little brothers and sisters. I can't wait for opening Christmas present and singing Christmas songs. I hope Santa will bring me great presents this year but I am sure that I will find and buy great sweaters for me and my Family on this great Sevengrils website. You can also find amazing blankets and pyjamas. So be quick and check out great Discount and find something beautiful for you and your family. Xoxo

Merry Christmas Sweater CLICK HERE

White Sweater CLICK HERE

Millybridal Wedding Dresses

Millybridal Wedding Dresses 2018


Hello my dear girls, and today we're going to talk about wonderful Millybridal UK website where you can find amazing Lace Wedding Dresses UK and prom and homecoming dresses. Today I decided to write to you about Lace wedding dresses so I have chosen six favorite models which you can see in photos above and below. Also you can find plus size wedding dresses uk. My favorite is this first one with amazing lace sleeves. I am in love with that dress. All the links that lead directly to your favorite wedding dresses will be below the text. So click click click on links and find your favorite wedding or homecoming dress. Check out this great super website with great affordable prices and be sure to choose something beautiful for your big day.

1. Dress Nr 1
2.Dress Nr 2
3.Dress Nr 3
4.Dress Nr 4
5.Dress Nr 5
6.Dress Nr 6


Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

In case you haven’t noticed, Zaful Thanksgiving sale( has begun! $10 off over $60 discounts and free orders with free shipping.! Great deals on trendiest fall fashion and winter clothes. Zaful( Thanksgiving day sale is waiting for your visit!
Let’s see how to get free orders and bonus during the big sale!

A free order chance will be offered during 2017 Zaful Thanksgiving Sale(! Each Zaful account has a chance to spin our Wheel of Thanksgiving per day. Which you may gain access to FREE ORDER / 10 Z POINTS /30 Z POINTS / $3 CASH COUPON / $7 CASH COUPON / 15% OFF COUPON / 8% OFF COUPON.  
Attention! Coupon is Only Valid for 72 hours after you receive it. And each can be used Only Once. You can check your remaining Z-points and coupons in your profile. Good luck!


It’s Thanksgiving day( and Zaful wants to say “thank you” to everyone who supports us until today. As return, A mega gift is ready for everyone!
In this special day, every new Zaful register will get $300 and exclusive Deals from $0.01! For all our old friends, simply win $45 by inviting!

Explore and find your fave. Huge discount and free shipping only on Zaful Thanksgiving sale( you miss it, you’ll have to wait for another year. 365 days is long enough. How many 365 days in our lifetime? Have a look right now!